Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Two of Our Mission Trip

Day Two: if yesterday was more pensive than work-oriented, then today made up for it in spades. We tried the divide and conquer approach and ended up being conquered. The younger scholars went to a church building that is being converted into mission housing for future teams. From what I was told, they anticipate that it will only take 3 additional coats to totally cover the old paint that colored the walls. I was glad to hear that one thing they are struggling to cover up is a large printed “LORD” on one of the walls. As hard as they try, they cannot make that word disappear. Call me cheesy, but I think it’s cute and prophetic. We are forever piling things on top of our relationship with God. We pile our thoughts and ideas of how our lives are supposed to be unto our Lord. We throw our isms unto our Lord. We throw our religion unto our Lord. We toss all of our “stuff” over our Lord and the Lord still shines through, refuses to go away, and refuses to die out. The group has assured me that if the word is not covered by the fourth coat, they will just leave it there. I am secretly cheering for the “Lord”.

The other group tackled two yards full of trees. That group has managed to work five chain saws to the point of collapse. The chain saws quit before the people did. However, I did hear a great sigh of relief when I reluctantly announced that we needed to call it a day because the chain saws were failing us. I think the people were at their point of collapse as well.

So, at the end of the day, we took our motley crew to the mall and they shopped. They bought Crimson Tide hats. They bought shoes and socks. They bought shirts, belts and other nicks and knacks. But the one thing that I saw them taking away from the day, which they did not purchase at that mall in Tuscaloosa, was an affinity for one another and for the work they are doing together. So, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity for each of these young missionaries to be the hands, feet, and glory of the Lord. Oh yeah! And, pray that the “Lord” does not fade beneath the layers of paint that we call life.

I love you all. And, there is nothing you can do about it,